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在Baker v. Maloney, 2020 ONSC 1929这个案例中2020327日宣判),一名丈夫错过了两个法院下令的3月以通过银行汇票支付配偶赡养费的最后期限。他丢失了原本的银行本票,但是在取得新的本票之前安大略省进入了新冠状病毒紧急状态,让他难以得到新的本票。鉴于意识到疫情的情况下,法院给丈夫直到202047日“在安全的前提下”取得新的本票。并表示希望那时情况能恢复正常。法院还指出,尽管丈夫的高龄可能使他难以获得新的本票,但仍然需要他遵守法院命令。以下为判决原文,因为是在法院因为病毒停止正常作业所以无法看到所有文件得情况下做出的紧急决定,所以非常简短:


[1] As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic (“Pandemic”), operations of the Superior Court of Justice have been suspended as set out in the Notice to the Profession dated March 18, 2020 available at

[2] Correspondence was received from each counsel in relation to the non-payment of an outstanding spousal support order. Due to the Pandemic, the Court does not have access to the file. Therefore, particulars of previous orders are not included in this endorsement.

[3] The arrears were to have been paid by March 9, 2020 and were not paid. A further endorsement was made requiring payment to be paid by March 26, 2020.

[4] According to a letter from the Royal Bank of Canada (“Bank”) dated March 19, 2020, Mr. Maloney purchased a bank draft on March 10, 2020, for the amount of $10,525. He reattended at the branch to advise that he lost the draft and made a request for it to be stopped and replaced.

[5] According to the Bank, the earliest that Mr. Maloney can request a refund of the draft is March 25, 2020. Thereafter the Bank will wait 10 days and then allow Mr. Maloney can purchase a new draft.

[6] According to the Court’s calculations, he can purchase a new draft on April 6, 2020, taking into account the weekends.

[7] As of March 25, 2020, both the Province of Ontario and the City of Ottawa have declared States of Emergency. No one knows how long it will last, nor the effects of this Pandemic.

[8] The Court realizes that this is not a motion and that no motion materials have been placed before the Court. Rather this is a follow up to see if Mr. Maloney has complied with the previous court orders.

[9] The Court is aware that Mr. Maloney is elderly and may be restricted in his ability to replace the draft.

[10] At the same time, he is still obligated to comply reasonably with Court orders.

[11] Under the circumstances with governments and other institutions struggling to cope with COVID-19, the Court orders that Mr. Maloney replace the draft by April 7, 2020 and make arrangements with his counsel to obtain the draft and provide it to counsel for Ms. Baker, as long as it is safe to do so.

[12] In any event, counsel shall write to the Trial Coordinator to provide an update of the status of this matter by April 9, 2020. The Court can then decide on how to proceed.

[13] Hopefully by April 7, 2020, our world as we formerly knew it, will return.

[14] Order accordingly.

我们希望这篇博客可以有助于最大程度地减轻分居父母及其子女因疫情带来的财务上震惊和苦恼。 如果您有任何因疫情导致的子女抚养费支付和配偶赡养费支付上的问题请立即致电我们,我们的中文热线是 (604) 682-6466我们的专业团队将为您提出合理的计划以最大程度地降低疫情对您的家庭的影响,并开始安排在法院重新开放后立即解决抚养费或赡养费问题。